Lead Generation


 What is a Lead?

A lead is any person or company that expresses interest in your company’s product or service in any way, shape, or form.

Leads are typically contacted by a business after beginning the conversation themselves (submitting their information for a trial, information request or a special offer) …as opposed to getting a random call from a telemarketer (where their info was purchased).
You’re online and you fill out a form to learn more about detailing and caring for your car. A couple of days later, you receive a follow up email from the company asking if they can detail your car for you. This is much less intrusive than if you received a call out of nowhere asking if they could detail your call, how would they even know if you owned a car or cared about detailing it.

By collecting your information, knowing that you have an interest, it allows them to personalize the opening communication and hopefully, address your existing needs or solve a problem. This process helps avoid wasting time contacting leads that aren’t interested at all and trying to create a need where none exists.

Not all leads are created equal or qualified in the same way. There are different types based on qualification and what stage they are in.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process converting suspects (strangers, first time visitors) into prospects (or leads). Ex. Employment applications, blogs, coupons, live events, online content, information request forms
The examples above are just a couple of lead generation strategies you can use to attract potential customers and introduce them to your products or services.

As an entrepreneur, you are expected to wear many hats however, if I tell you what we do for you, I just say, “I create content for lead generation.”. When I do, I get some blank stares.
So instead, we say, “We help entrepreneurs find unique ways to attract people to their business. Our goal is to provide them with enough incentives to get them naturally interested in their company. We warm them up to the brand enough so when they do contact them, the prospects are actually interested in to hear from them!”

So for our purposes, we will say, Lead Generation is a way of warming up potential customers (suspects) to your business and putting them on the path to eventually becoming a customer.
Why do you need lead generation?
When a new potential customer starts a relationship with you by showing an organic interest in your business, the transition from suspect to prospect to customer is more natural
Lead generation occurs after you’ve attracted an audience and are ready to convert those visitors (suspects) into leads for your business.


Qualified Marketing Leads have engaged with your efforts, but are not quite ready to receive a sales call. ex. Someone who fills out a page on your website for more information, or an offer


Sales Leads are contacts who have taken actions that indicates their interest in buying.
ex. a contact who fills out a form to ask specific questions about your product or service.


Product Leads are contacts who’ve used your product and taken actions that indicate interest in purchasing. These leads typically exist for companies that offer a product trial or a free or limited version of their product with options to upgrade. ex. a customer who uses your free version but asks about features that are only available upon purchase


Service Leads are contacts or customers who have let you know that they’re interested in becoming a paying customer. ex. a customer who tells their customer service representative that they’d like to upgrade their product subscription; requesting an estimate or quote.

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